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Practitioner Profiles

Featuring licensed members of the Professional Wellness Alliance who enjoy the best legal defense possible for their holistic services.

Read the stories of PWA Licensed Members who have chosen to join the movement and protect their holistic services.


“When it comes to holistic services, state laws are very restrictive. The PWA license is so necessary for legal protection — all holistic practitioners should have it.”

Stephen Steeves
Nutrition and Health Center


“There wasn’t much regulation when we got started in holistic health. But soon after, I realized I wasn't able to openly share my story or support others in the same way because of legal restrictions. The PWA was a game changer for us.”

Cindy Culpepper
Kingdom Come Now! Ministries
Creative Movement & Sound


"Knowing that I’m a protected member of the PWA has made my job so much more stress-free, and I recommend the same for all holistic practitioners."

Dr. Sandy Corlett
Diabetes Resource Center, Inc.
Center for Nutritional Medicine


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