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Practitioner Profile

Featuring licensed members of the Professional Wellness Alliance who enjoy the best legal defense possible for their holistic services.



Sharon Tenuta

In Touch & In Tune (Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin)

PWA Licensed Member

“I love being part of this community and also knowing that if something happens, the PWA has my back. Now, I can focus on doing the work I love and helping my clients without fear or insecurity.”

About Sharon

After a long career as a music teacher, Sharon Tenuta was inspired to help people in a whole new way. She discovered the power of holistic health, and it struck a chord with her. On her path to becoming a midwife, she discovered so much about herself, as well as the power of many other holistic modalities.

Through her studies, she began to understand traumas she had experienced birthing her own two children. Originally wanting an at-home, natural birth, she was pressured to follow societal norms and birthed her children at the hospital. In hindsight, she realized that succumbing to outside pressure was due to a lack of confidence. But her studies showed her that women can be empowered by their birth and have a completely different, and much more positive, experience.

Being immersed in the holistic world, she also discovered body talk, emotion code and muscle testing. All of which can help anyone, but especially expecting mothers, to leverage the power and intelligence of the body. Through these approaches, past traumas that are manifesting themselves as physical ailments can be addressed. Instead of choosing what our body needs, we can listen, and our body will guide us.

While learning about these powerful modalities, Sharon discovered hypnobirthing. Through breathing techniques, hypnobirthing allows clients to listen to their body, rid themselves of fears and blockages, and to let their body give birth as it was naturally intended to do.

Today, Sharon helps to educate and empower soon-to-be parents to take control of their birthing journey. She offers services as a doula, midwife, birthing educator, and hypnobirthing practitioner through her own company, In Touch & In Tune, as well as with the Hypnobirthing Institute. She also helps clients through body talk and emotion code.

Sharon is a licensed member of the Professional Wellness Alliance and enjoys the best legal defense possible for her holistic services.

Why did you join the PWA?

I was amazed and overjoyed by the opportunity to help parents, but I also knew I needed to protect myself. I wasn’t sure how until a fellow holistic practitioner told me about the Professional Wellness Alliance.

When I looked into the PWA, I knew it aligned perfectly with what I needed. I educate my clients to empower themselves and to take control of their health and their journey, and that is exactly what the PWA stands for and supports.


How has being PWA-licensed helped you in your holistic business?

I feel much more secure having a support group of natural practitioners. I love being part of this community and also knowing that if something happens, the PWA has my back.

Now, I can focus on doing the work I love and helping my clients without fear or insecurity.


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