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Holistic Health Practitioners

You can't afford not to protect your services...


As many holistic health practitioners have learned the hard way, providing alternative services can get you into some serious legal trouble.

Imagine this scenario
: What would happen if the state came knocking at your door tomorrow, and served you a cease-and-desist order — or worse, an arrest warrant — just for providing holistic services?

Would you have a defendable legal basis to stand on?

If not, you and your business are at serious risk of being shut down, in addition to costly fines and legal fees. And in some states, maybe even the threat of jail time. 😯

Believe it or not, this could happen to you.

In fact, it's exactly what happened to Heather and her holistic health coaching business. She went to court to prove her case, but ultimately had no legal basis to defend her services and lost her business.

And we see the same thing happening to Donna in Mississippi this year. She is threatened with large fines and potential jail time for providing dietary advice without a license.

Heather and Donna are just two of many. In our more than 20+ years of experience, we have seen legal action taken against many, many holistic practitioners by the state.

The good news is, there's a silver lining to this dark cloud.

The PWA supports holistic practitioners and helps provide a solid, defendable legal basis for you to protect your business and livelihood.

By becoming a licensed PWA member, you can operate with peace-of-mind that you're continuing to make a positive difference in people's lives in a safe, legal environment.

You can join the community of holistic practitioners making a difference in spreading the message of holistic health. Stand united with those who have fought and won against the state thanks to a defendable legal position provided by the PWA.


Photo courtesy of The Institute for Justice

Holistic health coach, Heather Del Castillo, has to shut down her business for operating without a license in Florida.

Read Heather's story >>

Photo courtesy of Mississippi Justice Institute

Donna Harris is threatened with 6 months of jail time and $1,000 in fines in Mississippi for offering diet coaching and weight loss tips on Facebook without a license.

Read Donna's story >>

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Answers to Your Questions

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Protect Your Passion

  • Quiz: Is Your Holistic Business Legal?

    We'll help you determine if you’re operating your holistic health business legally and, if not, how you can ensure it is legal moving forward. Take this short quiz and get an answer right away.

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  • Checklist: The Path to Protection

    Download this simple checklist and learn more about the steps to becoming a licensed PWA team member.

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  • Webinar: Do I Need a License?

    Learn more about what licensure is and why it's important to holistic health practitioners.

    In this FREE webinar, you'll learn about:

    • Why holistic practitioners are vulnerable to legal troubles
    • How to determine if your holistic business is legal
    • Whether or not licensure is right for you
    • ...and more!

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  • The PWA License Program

    Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive for your holistic business as a licensed practitioner with the PWA:

    - Qualified to offer holistic services in all 50 U.S. states
    - Legal protection for all of your holistic services
    - Personal coach to guide you throughout the licensing process
    - Access to the PWA Client Agreement, which protects you and your clients for providing services
    - Receive a professionally designed license and wall certificate

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Common Questions

  • What is a holistic license?

    Quite simply, a holistic license (like the one offered by the PWA) gives you a solid legal basis to provide your services in a safe, legal environment.

    As a licensed PWA team member, you can operate your business legally and worry-free — no matter which state you’re from, or what area(s) of holistic health you specialize in.

    Learn more about what licensure is and how it affects holistic health practitioners.


  • How do I know if my services are at-risk?

    The reality is that if you don’t have a solid legal basis to defend your holistic services, then you run a high risk of legal troubles.

    Take our free, short quiz to see if your business is protected.

    Watch this webinar to learn more about what a licensure is and why it's important to holistic health practitioners.

  • What is a "defendable legal basis"?

    This is a question we hear a lot from practitioners. Essentially, a defendable legal basis (like the one provided by the PWA) helps protect your business from state regulatory board concerns.

    It provides you with a safe, legal environment to provide your holistic services, worry-free.

    Learn More

  • Would the state really come after me?

    In our 20+ years of experience, we have seen legal action taken against many, many holistic practitioners by the state.

    For example, a state board official may come to your business posing as a client to gather evidence against you. Other times, they may just call and inquire about your services to gather what they need.

    Before you know it, you have a cease-and-desist order to shut down your business, with no legal basis to defend yourself.

    Learn How to Protect Yourself

  • What is the cost of licensure?

    We offer various pricing options for PWA licensure. Choose a monthly or annual payment plan that fits your needs.

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  • What is the PWA?

    The Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA) is an organization with more than 20+ years of experience helping practitioners offer their services legally through licensure.

    We were founded by holistic professionals just like you who are committed to supporting alternative health concepts and practitioners.

    Our Mission

    Our History

  • Who can join the PWA?

    We offer a comprehensive License Program for holistic health practitioners who qualify.

    To see if your services qualify, fill out this simple form here.


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