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Stay Protected, Legal, Empowered

We have more than two decades of experience helping holistic practitioners like you to offer their services legally.




Do I Need a License to Offer Holistic Services?

Holistic health practitioners like you make a positive difference in the world. You’ve answered the call to help, and you guide others to be healthy, naturally.
But what if we told you that the help and guidance you’re providing to enrich people’s lives might be risky business?

As many holistic health practitioners have learned the hard way, providing alternative health services can get you into some serious legal trouble — which can oftentimes be unanticipated and extremely costly.

The reality is that if you don’t have a defendable legal basis for your holistic services, then you run a high risk of legal troubles. This is true whether you recommend supplements for nutritional health, practice crystal healing, reiki, or provide any other sort of holistic services.


Protect Your Services

The Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA) team has more than two decades of experience helping practitioners unravel the complicated maze of government regulations and offer their services legally. We can help you, too!

We too believe in the power of holistic health, and we’re here to help you operate your business legally and worry-free.

As a licensed team member of the PWA Community, you can rest easy knowing your services will be protected with a solid, defendable legal basis.

Legal Protection

Your holistic services will have the best defense possible from state regulatory board concerns — no matter which state you’re from, or which areas you specialize.

Professional Credibility

When you become PWA-licensed, you build trust with potential and existing clients and show them that you take their concerns and your profession very seriously.

See All Benefits


You can operate with the peace-of-mind knowing that you’re continuing to make a positive impact on people’s lives in a safe, legal environment.

Protect your business and make a difference in holistic health by becoming a PWA licensee! Learn more here.

PWA-practitioner-legal-guideAre your holistic services protected? Download this FREE Legal Guide and learn more.


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