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Practitioner Profiles

Featuring licensed members of the Professional Wellness Alliance who enjoy the best legal defense possible for their holistic services.



Stephen Steeves

Nutrition and Health Center (Houston, Texas)

PWA Licensed Member

“When it comes to holistic services, state laws are very restrictive. The PWA license is so necessary for legal protection — all holistic practitioners should have it.”

About Stephen

More than 35 years ago, holistic practitioner Stephen Steeves was diagnosed with a rare form of crippling arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis. 

Instead of accepting traditional medical therapies, he chose to educate himself and take responsibility for his own health. His educational journey eventually led him to become a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Traditional Naturopath, and a Naturopathic Doctor.

Today, Stephen is free from the crippling pain of arthritis and helping others to understand their health challenges and make educated health decisions.

Stephen’s holistic journey ultimately inspired him to open the Nutrition and Health Center in Houston, Texas. For nearly 25 years, he and his team have been committed to helping others achieve abundant health through functional nutrition programs and more.

He is a licensed member of the Professional Wellness Alliance and enjoys the best legal defense possible for his holistic services.

Why did you join the PWA?

Before I joined the Professional Wellness Alliance, I met with Ken [PWA’s Senior Licensing Expert] and he told me a story about a PWA practitioner who was going through a legal trial and how he quickly came out of it. 

After that, I read some articles about other practitioners who weren’t protected, and how it literally bankrupted them. It’s very upsetting when that freedom is taken away from small business owners, like holistic practitioners.

How has being PWA-licensed helped you in your holistic business?

When it comes to holistic services, state laws are very restrictive. The PWA’s protection is so necessary for legal protection — all holistic practitioners should have it.

It gave me peace-of-mind and more boldness at the time. To not live in fear, but to live in a courageous state knowing we are protected under the PWA.

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Professional Credibility

When you become PWA-licensed, you build trust with clients and show them that you take their concerns and your profession very seriously.

Trusted Protection

As a PWA licensed team member, you'll have the best legal protection possible — no matter which state you're from.

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All Specialties Included

Your license covers ALL areas of holistic services from yoga and essential oils to crystal healing, hijama cupping, and much more.



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