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Protect Your Services

Make a difference in holistic health and protect your services by joining the PWA Community.


How can joining the PWA benefit your holistic services?

As many holistic health practitioners have learned the hard way, providing services without a defendable legal basis can get you into some serious trouble. Without it, you risk losing your business. Paying costly fines and legal fees. Or worse — possible jail time.

But there’s good news...

For more than two decades, the Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA) has been committed to supporting holistic practitioners and helping them offer their services legally through licensure.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive as a licensed holistic practitioner with the PWA:


Legal Protection

As a PWA-licensed member, your services will have the BEST legal defense available — no matter which state you’re from, or what modalities you specialize in!


All Holistic Modalities

Your license covers ALL areas of alternative health services from reiki and health coaching to naturopathy, functional medicine, hijama cupping, ecclesiastical services & many more.


Professional License

As a PWA provider member, you'll receive a professional license that gives you protection to provide holistic health or ecclesiastical services everywhere in the US and internationally.


Attract New Clients

You'll receive a FREE profile on our professional directory to market your services & gain new clients in the place where thousands of clients come to look for holistic services. Customize your profile, then add articles, videos and much more to attract new clients.



Your clients need your services now more than ever. You can operate with the peace-of-mind knowing that you’re continuing to make a positive impact on people’s lives in a safe, legal environment.


Affordable Legal Assistance

Whether you need help establishing your business, getting help if your services are questioned, or any other legal issue, as a PWA community member, assistance is available through one of the nation’s top legal firms.

Becoming a PWA licensee sets you up for success with these additional benefits:

  • Hold a professional license issued by the #1 health & wellness ministry in the world
  • Protect your holistic health or ecclesiastical services with the BEST legal defense protection from state board concerns
  • Be qualified to offer holistic services in all 50 U.S. states
  • Access to the PWA Client Agreement, which protects you and your clients for providing services
  • Professionally designed license and wall certificate, letting your clients know you meet the high standards of licensing
  • Access to the Licensing Course to learn everything you need to know about providing your services legally
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