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Who Can Join The PWA?

The largest wellness community dedicated to protecting alternative services, the clients who need them & the practitioners who provide them.


We welcome ALL practitioners and clients who support the mission to protect holistic health.

Is joining the PWA right for you?




If you're interested in joining the community, but not sure if it's right for you — ask yourself these questions:

⭐ Are you a holistic health practitioner or ecclesiastical provider (or thinking about becoming one)?

⭐ Do you believe in helping and educating clients to improve their health & well-being naturally?

⭐ Do you want to offer your services in a safe, legal environment?

⭐ Do you want to network & connect with like-minded individuals who also believe in the power of natural health?

⭐ Do you currently receive alternative health services, or are you looking for a holistic practitioner?

⭐ Are you interested in protecting the future of holistic health for generations to come?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, we'd love to have you join us!

Choose your path below to learn more:




Holistic & Ecclesiastical Providers

Protect your services & be a part of the movement dedicated to helping people improve their health naturally by becoming a licensed member of the PWA Community.

Holistic Health Providers
Holistic endorsement qualifies you to assist members (clients) with holistic health. You are not required, but may at the request of a member, involve spiritual or faith-based content in your services as well. Which holistic modalities are included?

Ecclesiastical Providers: The spiritual endorsement is for providers qualified to guide members on the doctrinal guide of your faith (Holy Bible, Quran, Talmud, Torah, etc.). Pastoral counseling is an example.


About the PWA License Program:

No matter which type of alternative provider you are, as a licensed provider of the PWA, you’ll be able to enjoy the BEST legal protection for your services.

You’ll also have peace-of-mind knowing you’ll be protected in every U.S. state (and internationally) for ALL holistic modalities or spiritual services you offer.

Learn more about the complete license benefits.

You qualify to join the PWA as a holistic OR ecclesiastical provider if you:

✔️ Currently provide holistic or ecclesiastical services, or are training to become a provider

✔️ Are interested in providing safe and legal alternative services

✔️ Are committed to helping clients take control of their own health & wellbeing through natural methods

✔️ Can show you have trained in the holistic modalities or ecclesiastical services you offer (either through a certification program, institution, or another form of qualified training)

✔️ Are able to pass a background check verifying your identity and no major criminal offenses


Download the FREE Checklist: 5 Steps to Getting Your Holistic License

ALL holistic modalities are protected, including:

 Health & Wellness Coaching Hijama / Cupping Therapy Reiki
Naturopathy Functional Medicine Essential Oils
Spiritual Counseling & Pastoral Services Nutritional and Herbal Remedies (supplements, herbal medicine, etc.) Traditional Medicine (Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, etc.)
Bio-Energetic Medicine and Analysis (New Age, Crystal Healing, etc.) Yoga ...and MANY MORE!


Help protect the future of alternative health & become a licensed PWA team member here.

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New & Existing Holistic Clients

Holistic clients are welcome to join the community completely FREE! Help support the mission and make safe, legal holistic services available to everyone.

Existing clients of a PWA practitioner: Joining the community is a vital step to ensure you and your provider are protected to offer holistic health services.

Click here to join the PWA as a client member.


New clients: If you’re looking for a new practitioner or specific type of holistic service, joining the community will give you access to thousands of alternative providers.

Click here to join for FREE & find a practitioner.


Join the Movement

Learn more about our mission to protect holistic health services, the clients who need them & the practitioners who provide them.

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