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Licensee Referral Program

Help support the mission to protect holistic health services and the practitioners who provide them.



Are you a PWA licensee?

Our mission is to support the holistic health community and help practitioners offer their services in a safe, legal environment. We're also committed to making holistic services more accessible to all.

And our valued licensees a BIG part of that mission.

Together, we can make an even bigger impact to protect practitioners and continue to grow the community.

Licensee Referral Program

The Licensee Referral Program is our way of giving back to licensees like you who help support the mission and spread the word about getting licensed with the PWA.

You can make a real difference and help bring the same level of protection to other holistic health practitioners and their businesses.

What's even better...it's easy to get involved!

Watch the Short Video

Login to your member dashboard to watch a short video and learn how to get involved.

Refer a Practitioner

Easily refer a practitioner to the community straight from your Member Dashboard. Login and learn more.

Got Questions?

Send us a message at staff@pwai.us, and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the program!