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PWA Community Benefits

We believe wholeheartedly that protecting our community of holistic providers and their businesses is one of the most impactful things we can do.

Legal Protection

Your holistic services will have the best defense possible from state regulatory board concerns — no matter which state you’re from, or which areas you specialize.

Professional Credibility

When you become PWA-licensed, you build trust with potential and existing clients and show them that you take their concerns and your profession very seriously.

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You can operate with the peace-of-mind knowing that you’re continuing to make a positive impact on people’s lives in a safe, legal environment.

"If you're thinking about joining, I highly encourage you to do so. I've been involved in litigation, and [the PWA] stepped in and helped me resolve it. I can't recommend them enough."
Dr. Peter Osborne
Licensed PWA Practitioner & Author of No Grain, No Pain
"Your clients have the right to choose the healthcare that they want. And I can tell you this: I sleep better at night being a member of the PWA."
Dr. Garland Glenn
Licensed PWA Practitioner
"There wasn’t much regulation when we got started in holistic health. But soon after, I realized I wasn't able to openly share my story or support others in the same way because of legal restrictions. The PWA was a game changer for us."
Cindy Culpepper
Licensed PWA Practitioner

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Common Questions

If you don't find what you're looking for here, email us at staff@pwai.us for more info!

  • What is the PWA?

    The Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA) is an organization with more than 20+ years of experience helping practitioners offer their services legally through licensure.

    We were founded by holistic professionals just like you who are committed to supporting alternative health concepts and practitioners.

    Our Mission

    Our History

  • Who can join the PWA?

    We offer a comprehensive License Program for holistic health practitioners who qualify.

    To see if your services qualify, fill out this simple form here.

  • What is a holistic license?

    Quite simply, a holistic license (like the one offered by the PWA) gives you a solid legal basis to provide your services in a safe, legal environment.

    As a licensed PWA team member, you can operate your business legally and worry-free — no matter which state you’re from, or what area(s) of holistic health you specialize in.

    Learn more about what licensure is and how it affects holistic health practitioners.

  • What is a "defendable legal basis"?

    This is a question we hear a lot from practitioners. Essentially, a defendable legal basis helps protect your business from state regulatory board concerns.

    It provides you with a safe, legal environment to provide your holistic services, worry-free.

    Being a licensed member of the PWA Community provides you with a solid, defendable legal basis for all of your holistic services.

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  • How do I know if my services are at-risk?

    The reality is that if you don’t have a solid legal basis to defend your holistic services, then you run a high risk of legal troubles.

    Take our free, short quiz to see if your business is protected.

    Watch this webinar to learn more about what a licensure is and why it's important to holistic health practitioners.

  • What is the cost of licensure?

    We offer various pricing options for becoming a licensed PWA Community member. Choose a monthly or annual payment plan that fits your needs.

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