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Our Mission

We're here to spread the message of alternative health and help holistic practitioners operate in a safe, legal environment.



Western medicine simply isn't working.

We’ve become a society accustomed to “there’s a pill for that” for nearly all of our problems. Long-term solutions for continued health and wellness have given way to short-term solutions like prescription painkillers, fad diets, anxiety and depression medications, among many others.

But where has that mindset gotten us? Far too many people are addicted to opiods and still suffering from their pain. Others are trying to achieve a healthy weight through the latest diet fads and pills, which are only successful in the short term. And hundreds of thousands have found a temporary reprieve from their anxiety, but haven’t fixed the root cause.

Rather than being empowered to take control of their own health, patients have entered a cycle of dependency on Western doctors and "magic bullet" solutions. Many times, they have come to expect that holistic therapies can offer the same quick fixes as Western medicine — without realizing there's a better way to improve their health.

As the age-old proverb goes, patients need to be “taught to fish” (through guidance and education), rather than “given a fish” (in the form of a prescription).



We’ve become a society accustomed to “there’s a pill for that” for nearly all of our problems. But there's a better way to achieve better physical and mental health — holistic services.

Meanwhile, Western medicine often overlooks holistic or alternative methods to pain treatment or maintaining health and wellness. While access to conventional doctors and medical care remains widely available, gaining access to providers of holistic or alternative health is more scarce.

Since conventional medicine can require years of rigorous schooling, many holistic practitioners have become experts in their fields through other means. Oftentimes, those means are not recognized through state licensure, and therefore leave practitioners with no options to pursue their passions aside from costly university education. And without state licensure, in many cases practitioners are at very high risk of legal troubles.


We’re Here to “Empower Your Mission”

The Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA) team has been helping practitioners unravel the complicated maze of government regulations and offer services legally for nearly two decades, and we can help you, too! We are committed to making holistic health services more accessible by supporting practitioners.

As a PWA licensed team member, you will have the best legal protection possible from state regulatory board concerns — no matter which state you’re from, or what area(s) of holistic health you specialize in. You can operate with the peace-of-mind that you’re continuing to make a positive impact on people’s lives in a safe, legal environment.

We too believe in the power of holistic health, and we want to help practitioners “come out of the shadows” and operate their businesses legally and worry-free.


Learn more about how to protect and grow your holistic health business as a licensed PWA team member here.

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