General Feedback & Inquiries

We would love to hear from you, whether you just want to give us feedback, to let us know what specific health-related educational information, products and/or services interest you, or if you provide educational programs, products or services that you feel would be beneficial to PMA practitioners or visitors to PMA websites. 


Have a complaint against a PMA licensed Provider?

The Pastoral Medical Association has an ecclesiastical administrative process designed to evaluate whether a PMA licensee is in compliance with PMA license rules and assure that practitioners maintain the highest of ministerial standards.

We would like to hear from you if you believe a PMA licensed practitioner has acted unprofessionally or beyond the scope of his or her PMA license, outside appropriate standards of ministerial care, including discriminatory practices, misleading advertising, failure to provide full disclosure of services and/or any other activity you feel is unprofessional or not in keeping with reasonable ministerial standards.

Note that this is an Administrative Complaint and is not an action where the complaining party is seeking some form of compensation. For complaints seeking financial compensation, please follow the guidelines for filing an action in the Agreement for Wellness Services you signed with your PMA licensed practitioner.

Please Go Here to file an Administrative Complaint.